Tonight’s First Quarter Moon

November 2017

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Why are we tolerating this b/s?  I am wondering who’s running the country @POTUS elected by the people or @realDonaldTrump reality TV star. 

When did the Presidency go from Speaking softly and carrying a big stick to having an Alligator mouth and a Canary ass.?  WTF is going on when the Secretary of State sides with Russia?  Why did the President even attend the G20 conference, it seems that he is more satisfied with being an agitator than a consensus builder. The President already has a dictator attitude, he is anti anything that doesn’t make him look good and I wouldn’t be surprised if he changed his political party to Communist so like Putin he can kill or imprison anyone that doesn’t share his opinion. Unfortunately even then there will be idiots to vote him in power. May God help us. 

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Independence Day 2017

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Things that make you go hmmmmm!

Wildfires in Portugal; what was the thought process in letting people use a highway right in the middle of the fire hazard as an escape route causing more than half of the 60 known dead to perish in their cars…3 days of mourning???, really, who is that going to help
Navy Destroyer crashing into a cargo ship causing 7 Sailors to lose their lives, really??, who was on watch?, was anyone?  Laxxed Commander perhaps, someone needs to be relieved. 
US F 18 shoots down a Syrian SU22 for making bombing runs vicinity US Allied forces. Now Russia is threatening retaliation by considering US Aircraft as targets…has Putin lost his mind. This is not a Top Gun. 
The only real losers in the Syrian, Russian, Issis , US conflict are the Syrian people with nowhere to go. I feel sorry for the first responders known as White Hats who are also being deliberately targeted as they conduct rescue operations. 
Another attack in London where a vehicle was used as a weapon, this time this act of terror was a hate crime against Mosque worshippers.  When will it end…People, please leave the eye for an eye crap to God. 

Some asshole pulls out a gun and shoots 7 people in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina…damn, WTF, guns and alcohol don’t mix, not now and not ever. If you are not going to Myrtle for recreation, stay the f*** home and let everyone else enjoy the beach. 
It’s time to bring back the draft, it’s my personal belief that every American should serve a minimum of 2 years in the military…the military does more than prepare for war, serving teaches discipline, camaraderie, respect for others, things that we can all use more of this day and age. 
Most stupid thing I’ve heard today…Michael Phelps to race a Great White, what’s the point. ? 

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Message to the President

@realDonaldTrump, you were elected by the people to lead our country, so please note that your refusing to take a salary does not make this a volunteer job.  It requires a lot more self control than you seem to have. Every public appearance, every speech and every tweet will have a consequence. So my advice to you is lay off the #Stolichnaya , and think twice before inserting your foot in your mouth and please stop with the finger pointing. The presidency is not reality TV.  You have one job. That is to lead, that means that from now until the end of your term, every good or bad thing that occurs in the Nation will be accredited to you. You need to grow some thicker skin because the Presidency is a thankless job and you need to become accustomed to falling on the  proverbial sword. 

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What will become of our Nation? 

This is an upsetting time for me so this blog is all over the place as it’s being driven by emotion. 

Who knows?  Are we no longer one nation under God?  Protests and rallies are being held almost daily in every major city.  I wonder if this is what the President meant when he said that the White House is running like a well oiled machine.  Maybe open acts of  hate, racism and turmoil is what he and his staff intended to achieve. Turn us against each other seems to be the order of the day.  It’s only been a month, what will we be like in 4 years? We’ve seen immigrants banned from entering the country, ICE police making deportation arrests and parading the arrestees in front of National TV in chains. Even worse it seems that a lot of Hispanics are working for ICE.  I guess that none of their family members ever migrated. Just as bad there are just as many black officers making these arrests and escorting detainees in chains. I guess 400 plus years erased what it feels like to be humiliated in chains. 

Legal permanent immigrants are in the US Military, I wonder what they are feeling, fight for this country and still face the risk of being discharged or having your family deported.   I never thought that I would see the day when the Nation would be ruled by the “Dark Side”. Right now we are at war with ourselves, soon we will be at war with the world. Mr. President, quit being thin skinned, listen to all the people, not just your constituents , put more time in being President and less time making redundant Twitter posts. If you are good at your job we will see it…no need to keep tooting your horn. 

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Last Nights Snow Moon


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